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4 Key Elements to Prayer

The Bible is full of examples of prayer.  Some of them are short, “Jesus, save me!”; others are so long that they fill pages.  There are prayers that are done in private, some are in the center of large crowds.  We read of some prayers only being spoken once, while others are repeated over and over.  Just as in the Bible there are a variety of ways to pray, so too, each of our prayer lives are expected to be different.  However, at the heart of all prayers are things that should always be present.  Today, I use the story of the two blind men from Matthew 20:29-34 to highlight 4 key elements that all our prayers should be.


There may be times that the crowd, even well-meaning Christians, try to stand in the way of you and Jesus.  People say that there is no way that you can afford to stay home.  The doctors are sure that there is nothing that they can do to heal you.  Just as the two men did not allow anyone to prevent them from reaching their Lord, but continued and cried out to Him all the louder, we too must call out to God all day long.  People and doctors are right, “I” can’t afford to stay home, there is nothing that the doctors can do for you, two blind men can’t receive sight.  But God!


Effective prayer must be humble.  The two blind men recognized Jesus as Lord, as Son of David, the Messiah.  How do you come to Him?  Jesus does call us His friend, however, there are times that we come to Him as we would our girlfriend instead of the Creator of the Universe.  As if we were equal to God.  These men also cried out for mercy, understanding that they did not deserve to be healed but were simply requesting.  Because the two men were humble before Jesus, He lifted them up and heard their prayer.


“We want our sight.”  There is no need to hide our desires from Jesus.  He knew what the two blind men wanted, just as he knows what we want.  He waits for us to ask.  We can pray boldly to Jesus because we know that He hears us.  We can pray boldly because our prayers matter.  We can pray boldly when our prayers are in line with God’s will.


The two blind men were so persistent, were humble, were bold because they were faithful.  They knew, without a doubt, that not only could Jesus give them their sight but that He would be willing.  They were also faithful by their actions.  A faithful prayer is not only spoken to God but followed up by living for God.  After Jesus granted the blind men their sight, they followed Him.  There are many who pray to Jesus in moments of distress and because we serve a loving and compassionate God, He will often choose to answer.  But what happens after the prayer is answered?  Do we go on with our lives as if nothing has changed? Or as the blind men chose, follow Him?

A faithful prayer is not only spoken to God but followed up by living for God.

I have found myself struggling with prayer the last few days.  And while there can be many reasons as to why my prayer life hasn’t been that great, often it is because I have been failing to pray either humbly, boldly, faithfully, or persistently.  Let us learn from these two blind men who would not allow anything or anyone to stand in their way of Jesus.

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