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Do You Doubt?: In Good Company

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We try to make excuses, we try to cover up our true feelings by calling them something else. “There is not enough money for bills, I’m just concerned.” But when we are honest with ourselves, what we are really doing is doubting God. If you are going through a time of doubt, you are in good company. Many of the Saints of the Bible struggled with doubt at one time or another but they did not allow that doubt to take over their lives.

Sarah Laughed

Let us be fair, Sarah was 90-years-old, and God had just told her that she would have a son within the year. Is there not a time that you have laughed at something God has led you to? I am sad to admit that I have laughed at God’s calling before. When He led me to start this blog, initially I laughed, “Who would want to read anything I have to say?” God started putting on my heart to have another child, I laughed. He told us to sell our home and move 800 miles away to start a church, I laughed. I wasn’t using my words to tell God that I doubted His calling, but I was saying it none the less. I looked at my abilities, my time, my finances, and saw the impossible. But as He said to Abraham, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

John the Baptizer Questioned

The same man who heard the voice from Heaven declare to Jesus, “You are my Son,” is the same one who sent his disciples to question Jesus while he was locked in Herod’s prison. “Are you the One who is to come?” When faced with hardships, we start to question Jesus too. Am I really following the true God? Why am I struggling this much if I follow the King? Jesus’ response to them is the same response for us, look at what He has done. Only the true God can do what Jesus has.


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Peter Sank

Like Peter, we start off strong. He was the only disciple with faith enough to get out of the boat, to walk on the water. Just like Peter, we hear Jesus’ call, we have our eyes fixed on Him. Then, the wind starts to pick up, our physical sight starts to overtake our spiritual sight. We become afraid and start to sink into our problems. Peter knew what to do when he was in danger of being overcome by his situation, he cried out, “Lord, save me!”


Trusting God isn’t always easy, sometimes we must ask of Jesus, as the father in Mark 9:24 did, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.” Sometimes God will have crazy plans for us, hardships will come, the storms of life will distract us, and Jesus will lovingly exclaim, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31) God did not punish these Saints for their moments of doubt, just as He doesn’t punish us, but instead, responds to our doubt and reassures us that nothing is too hard for Him, He reminds us of what He has already done and is doing, and then He rescues us when we start to sink.


2 thoughts on “Do You Doubt?: In Good Company

  1. I love this post and your entire blog! This is one of the things that I love about doing the Facebook threads…I get to find great blogs like this.

    It is sometimes hard not to doubt, especially when I have a chronic illness that is not being healed. I have come to learn that the healing is in the journey and sometimes that healing doesn’t look the way we expected it to look.

    1. Amen!!! That is something I have had to learn more and more lately…that God’s plan doesn’t always go how we think it should. But it is always best! Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I pray with you for your healing. God bless you, sister!

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