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Finding Joy Where God Has You

We all have those days…the dryer broke, the kids have been fighting all morning, the living room looks like a toy store exploded, your homeschooler has been crying over her writing assignment, your toddler got on the computer and erased the most profound piece you have ever written (and forgot to save), and finally your loving husband comes home from work wondering what happened in the living room and what time is dinner.  That’s when you lose it!  There may have been tears, there may have been some yelling, there was definitely a whole lot of complaining.  You love your life, you love what God has called you to, so why is it that some days you just want to RUN!

Combatting the Devil’s Tactics

It is days like this, when frustrations are high, that Satan will do his best to entice us into wanting what we don’t have or what God has not called us to.  Joy comes in enjoying where God has you right now, instead of focusing on what you can’t have or where you are not at this time.  The best way to combat the devil’s tactics is to know and remember the joy that you have right where God has you.  I have created a helpful printable that will help you focus on Finding Joy Where God Has You.

Where God Has You

Our life is in a constant state of change; new roles are being added, some are taken away, and others are ever-changing.  The first thing to do is to recognize every place that God has you currently.  At this moment, God has me as a wife, a mother, a homeschool teacher, and a new blogger.  Most of these roles that God has me in I have been in for years but are not the same as they were even a six months ago.  There can be comfort in the constant and excitement in the new.

Joy it Brings

The next step is to think of all the joy that each role brings.  Joy can be found in the “big,” like watching 2 of our daughters get baptized.  It can come in the “little,” how my husband sends me random “I love you” texts throughout the day.  Don’t overlook any joy that you receive from your roles.  It is usually the small joys that will help get you through each day.  After you acknowledge all the joy and blessing that you receive, take some time to thank God for them.  Even when we question why He has us in a certain place or doubt our capabilities, God shows us that He knows what He is doing.

Frustration it Brings

Honestly, I thought that this would be the easiest section to write.  But after writing out all the joys that I receive from where God has me, it was really hard to come up with very many frustrations.  About 5 or 6 frustrations in, I realized that almost everyone was due to me…my pride, my selfishness, my lack of disciplining consistently.  Is there something that you can do to help remove your frustrations?  Some of my frustrations I can help.  For instance, as a new blogger, there are times that I am overwhelmed with all the technical aspects involved.  I am NOT tech savvy, and I kind of believe that there is something in my body that causes technology to become “wonky” when I am around.  So, I can continue struggling with the technology, becoming more and more frustrated every day, or I can find resources to help me learn what I need to do.  Other frustrations are a little harder to remove and cannot be done in my own strength, such as those due to my pride.  The last step is to pray for those frustrations that you cannot change.  Ask God to remove them or give you the strength to bear them during this season of your life.

There will still be days that you get frustrated; appliances will break, children will still be children, technology will crash, and you will likely lose your temper.  But before you allow the devil to start tempting, making you think that you would be happier if you were someplace else or someone else, come back to your list.  Remember the great conversations that you and your husband have, how no one can make you laugh like him.  Remember that feeling of your child’s arms around your neck and when they whisper, “I love you, Mommy.”  Remember the message that you get from that little Mama who was feeling desperately overwhelmed and needed to hear what you wrote that day.  Remember to find Joy where God has you.

I pray that this printout will help you in Finding Joy Where God Has You.  If you are feeling overwhelmed at this moment, check out My Joyfully Overwhelmed Life and please message me so that I can pray for you.  God bless you and may your life be Joyful!

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