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Roadblocks: When God’s Plan Doesn’t Go According to Your Plan

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You are cruising along, making great time, everything is going according to plan. Then, you hit a roadblock. You start to question yourself, “Did I take the right road?” “Do I look for a detour?” “Should I just turn back?”

Roadblocks are never a welcomed sight, whether you are driving down the highway or on the road of life.  Let’s face it, no one likes it when things don’t go according to plan. You hear God’s call, you set out to obey that call, things are going great (according to how we expect), then, everything comes to a screeching halt. So, what do we do when God’s plan doesn’t match our plan? There are four things to remember when we face roadblocks while obeying God’s calling:

God’s Timing is Perfect

God has this amazing advantage over us, He knows the beginning and the end. What we think is the quickest route to the destination, may, in reality, be filled with many dangers. Some of the dangers could be mental or spiritual, while others are physical. We are occasionally granted the ability to see some of the dangers that God protects us from in this life, strengthening our trust in His timing. God called David while he was just a shepherd boy to become the next King of Israel, but that boy was not ready mentally, spiritually, or physically to obtain that vocation. King Saul was a giant roadblock in that plan, David could have rushed in and demanded his crown, but that likely would not have ended well for him. Instead, He allowed God to use that time to grow him.

God is Using the Roadblock to Work on You

Faith is easy to claim when it hasn’t been tested. When we are faced with a roadblock to our plan, we have options as to how to handle it. We can try to find a detour, come up with a new plan of our own, which is what my default has been in the past. As humans, we don’t like to suffer, or even experience slight discomfort, so if we can reason a way to avoid it, that is the path we will take. We can choose to turn back, assuming that, a roadblock must mean God’s denial. Or, we can choose to wait on the Lord. “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I put my hope.” (Psalm 130:5) Let me just say, waiting is NOT my strong suit! However, it is in these times of waiting that God increases and proves my faith and draws me closer to Him. He is preparing us to obtain what He has called us to.

God Will Receive the Greatest Glory

There are times when we are faced with roadblocks that if we choose to wait on the Lord, God will remove them in a way in which only He could get the glory. Those times that I have found detours around situations, the ones that actually worked out, I would think “How clever I am!” “How great it is that I have a family to help!” Sometimes, I would even throw up a “Praise God” for working this out, when it was never God’s plan.

God is Still in Control

Nothing that happens on this earth will ever surprise God or take Him off guard. If God is calling you to something and you are obeying, then the roadblock that you are facing is part of His plan. Both you and God can’t be in control, there is only room for one driver behind the wheel. You can choose to trust that the One who made the road knows where He is going and that He’s got this, or you can try to carjack God’s plan.



God has a perfect plan for each of us, one that is for our good and for His glory. That shepherd boy turned out to be one of the greatest Kings in history. It took David 15 years from when God called him to become King to actually obtain the crown. During that time, facing many perilous roadblocks, God grew David into a man full of faith, love, and obedience to God. God received glory throughout David’s life, defeating a giant, repeatedly being rescued from sure-death circumstances, securing and expanding the kingdom, and planning the building of a Temple for the Lord. God showed that in all these events, He was in control. The same God that called David to be King, is the same God that calls you and me today. Hear God’s calling for your life, start to obey that calling, and don’t be discouraged when roadblocks appear, embrace them as part of God’s perfect plan.

I pray that your faith will be strengthened and God glorified by every roadblock you are facing today and for those to come.