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Why This Waste?

Everyone in the room stared, whispers started.  This woman was not following convention and was not using her gift as they felt she should.  Matthew 26 tells us the story of Mary, who wanted to do something beautiful for her Lord.  But when she anointed Jesus with her very expensive perfume, instead of choosing to sale her gift for money, the other disciples were annoyed, “Why this waste?”  Maybe you know this feeling?  Have heard the crowd, even other followers of Jesus, question you, “Why this waste?”  People won’t always recognize what you are doing as an offering to the Lord.

Why This Waste?

When a mother decides to quit her job to stay home and raise her children, “Why this waste?”, she could be working and adding to the family finances.  A family struggling in debt faithfully tithes, “Why this waste?”, they should use that money to pay bills.  A doctor decides to move to the poorest neighborhood to set up a free clinic, “Why this waste?”, they could open a lucrative practice in an affluent location.  The valedictorian with an offer to an Ivy League college chooses instead to move to a third world country for mission work instead of continuing in school, “Why this waste?”  When a well-known author chooses to give 100% of the royalties of a highly-successful book to a charity, “Why this waste?”, he should think about his children’s future.  Anytime we offer our money, our time, our gifts, our lives to Jesus, it is not a waste.

It is Not a Waste

Abraham offered his son Isaac to the Lord and was blessed by descendants too numerous to count. Hannah offered her son Samuel to God to serve in the temple, God repaid her gift by giving her five more children and empowering her son to be one of the greatest prophets in the Bible.  Mary offered her very expensive jar of perfume to anoint Jesus and He defends her then proclaims that wherever His gospel is preached she will be remembered.  Whenever we give an offering to Jesus, it is not a waste.  He will return your offering to you in the form of a blessing, whether here or in heaven.

What are you offering to God?  It is likely that you are misunderstood or even ridiculed for your act.  But, like Mary was unconcerned with everyone in the room except Jesus, so too must we keep our focus on Him.  He will take your gift, your time, your talent, your money, and be glorified by it.  Take heart Mama and remain faithful, Jesus sees you and your offering, He will defend you from mockers and your gift will be remembered for eternity.

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